Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Greg Sethares
Division of Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering
Professor of Mathematics
Chair, Department of Mathematics

     Office: D210C
     Extension: x2186

M.A., Boston College
A.B., Cornell University

Helping students understand and use mathematics, and feel good about themselves while doing it, is at the heart of all that I do as a teacher. All students are capable of experiencing joy and success using mathematics, and it is my challenge to help them see that this is true.

Courses Taught:
MTH 011 Foundations of Mathematics
MTH 021 Foundations of Algebra I
MTH 031 Foundations of Intermediate Algebra
MTH 119 Fundamental Statistics
MTH 125 Modern College Mathematics
MTH 127 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I
MTH 131 Elements of College Mathematics
MTH 142 Technical Mathematics II
MTH 171 Precalculus - Functions
MTH 173 Trigonometry
MTH 214 Calculus I
MTH 215 Calculus II
MTH 243 Discrete Structures I
MTH 244 Discrete Structures II
MTH 254 Ordinary Differential Equations