Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Kelemu L. Woldegiorgis
Division of Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering
Professor of Chemistry

     Office: E116
     Extension: x3399

Ph.D., Lund University
M.S., Addis Ababa University
B.S., Addis Ababa university

I use a variety teaching methodologies to accommodate the different learning styles of my students. I supplement my lectures with animations, video clips, and use of models of molecules when appropriate. I encourage student participation in my classes practicing my student-centered teaching philosophy. Students who are unaccustomed to this philosophy resist at first, but with a consistent encouragement they rise to the challenge and begin to be active learners. I believe that students learn best when they remain active in the classroom.

Courses Taught:
CHM 090 Introduction to Chemistry
CHM 111 General College Chemistry I
CHM 113 Fundamentals of Chemistry I
CHM 114 Fundamentals of Chemistry II
SCI 113 Physical Science

American Chemical Society

Chemical Education and Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms