Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

William G. Berardi
Division of Business and Information Management
Associate Professor of Business Administration

     Office: K111
     Extension: x2709

M.S., Cambridge College
B.S., Boston State College/UMass Boston

The teacher’s role is that of a facilitator. I believe students want to learn and it is my job to get them to think, participate in class, and to contribute to the overall success of the class being conducted.

Courses Taught:
BNK 101 Principles of Banking
BUS 111 Business and Financial Mathematics
BUS 112 Personal Financial Planning
BUS 113 Introduction to Business Functions and Practices
BUS 115 Fundamentals of an Enterprise
BUS 171 Principles of Insurance I
BUS 172 Principles of Insurance II
BUS 175 Introduction to Real Estate
BUS 176 Real Estate Practice
BUS 253 Corporation Finance
MAR 101 Principles of Marketing
MAR 253 Sales Management

National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship
Southeastern Massachusetts Credit Grantors Association
New England Adjustment Managers Association