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Pathway Focus of the Month: Entrepreneurship


Potential Career: Small Business Owner

One of ten students will go on to own their own business yet few high schools incorporate entrepreneurship training in their career and technical education programming. A few key resources and a well designed capstone could help ensure your students have all of the skills they need to succeed in the workplace, whether they are working for themselves or someone else. If there’s no room in your curriculum, consider national organizations, like DECA and SkillsUSA, provide extra-curricular opportunities for students to learn (and compete!) key entrepreneurial skills.

Job Outlook: New generations of small business start-ups are vital to a healthy economic environment. Research from the Small Business Administration suggest that 99.7% of all employee firms are small businesses and that 60% to 80% of all new jobs annually are generated by small business. 

For More Information: There are many resources for youth entrepreneurship.  Here are three:

The US Small Business Administration Teen site has a youth spin to it and lots of resources.  It covers all major aspects of operating a small business—such as financing, writing a business plan, legal issues—in down-to-earth language.

Looking to start an Entrepreneurial Program at your school? Then try the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). This site provides full-fledged curriculum, professional development, and additional resources.

Entrepreneurship.org and International Community of Entrepreneurs providing resources that cover finances, hiring, marketing, sales, and more. Check out the articles posted under the heading “The Entrepreneur,” a chance to hear from entrepreneurs who have “been there and done that,” an underutilized opportunity that can be both inspirational and instructional to your students.

About BCC’s Programming: BCC offers a certificate program in Small Business and Entrepreneurial Management; furthermore, all courses in this program can be transferred into an associate degree program in Business Administration. BCC also boasts the Academic Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), a community resource center that fosters entrepreneurship through workshops, networking events, newsletters, awards and recognitions and expos to showcase products and services.

Hint for Success: Running your own business requires a lot of skills beyond your expertise area. Having strong organizational and planning skills, being a risk-taker and possessing a positive attitude are key. Be prepared to stretch your math and communication skills—a business will fail without them, no matter how good the idea, service or product!



New BCC Tech Prep Orientation and Academic Advisement.

BCC is working hard to ensure a smooth transition from high school to college with a few new initiatives, including a Tech Prep Orientation for graduates matriculating to BCC in the Fall as including Academic Advisement as a new activity from the Tech Prep Office. As plans are not yet set, please be sure to refer any 2009 Tech Prep graduates interested in BCC to Chris Shannon as soon as possible. Stay tuned for details!

Accuplacer Update. Kristine Resendes is back from maternity leave, the transition to the new Accuplacer testing platform is complete and system glitches are fixed! Contact the testing office (508.678.2811, x2545) if you plan on testing students at your school. Remember, they need student names prior to the test (at least a week in advance is preferred) to ensure students have not already been tested and that testing costs are charged to Tech Prep. (SIDE NOTE: At the most recent Implementation Committee meeting we discussed current BCC policy of allowing students to test only twice. Since the meeting the Testing Center and BCC Administration are looking for ways to eliminate this potential barrier. There are three different options on the table, and all three will exempt Tech Prep students from this policy. We will update you as this progresses!)

Professional Development Opportunities


Professional Opportunities

Principles of Lean Manufacturing 101, June 10, 2009, 8am – 4pm, Bristol Community College, Fall River MA. Now, before you say “no” to this one, reconsider: Lean Manufacturing has revolutionized private industry for the past 20+ years and has applications in any sector that processes a large volume products, services or information, such as health care or education.  This workshop has been crosswalked to the Frameworks and might be appropriate use of Perkins professional development monies. Students knowledgeable in Lean Manufacturing techniques can have an edge in the workforce! The cost is $125 and space is limited. To register, follow the direction on the flyer. Registration deadline is June 6th, 2009. For more information, or to get a copy of the crosswalk, contact Chris Shannon. 

MAVA’s Connecting for Success Conference, June 30 – July 1, 2009, Assabet Valley Regional THS, Marlborough. Don’t forget about MAVA’s annual CTE conference!  As always, the goal is to provide information on topics of interest to all educators involved with career and technical education. There is still a call out for presenters. For registration, presentation or scheduling information, contact either Peter D. Dewar or Judith McKinstry, or simply visit the conference website.

MA DESE: Announcing the 2009 Summer Professional Development Institutes Program!  This summer the DESE is sponsoring over 50 graduate-level professional development institutes across the state. Institutes are available in all the content areas, including: the Arts, History/Social Sciences, Reading, Literacy, Mathematics, and Science and Technology/Engineering, with follow-up sessions in the fall and winter to support implementation of the content and pedagogical skills into classroom teaching and learning. All educators are eligible to participate. Priority is given to teachers from high-need districts; educators who need to become licensed and knowledgeable in the subject area that they teach; teachers of English language learners; and special education teachers. PDPs and graduate credits are also available. Click here for a listing of the 2009 Institutes, other summer professional development offerings and registration information. 

BCC/UMass D Scientific Instrument Summer Professional Development. Looking for more credit towards your Master’s Degree?  Having problems accessing scientific equipment for your classroom? Even if you can get your hands on it, do you know how to use it? Take advantage of this 3-credit, graduate-level science content course for a reduced cost of $612.00. All course activities align with a variety of MA DESE Science Curriculum Frameworks and course content can be applied towards high school chemistry, physics, biology and middle school general science content requirements. This could be a great opportunity for non-science instructors looking to integrate science into their curriculum. As part of the course, you gain access to future use of the BCC Scientific Instrument Lending Library.  If you have any specific questions related to the course, contact the instructor, June Talvitie-Siple.

Workshop on Going Green: Cheaper and Safer Activities for the High School Chemistry Curriculum, Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 8:45 AM – 3 PM, Moakley Center, Room 312, Bridgewater State College. Drs. Tammy King and Boriana Marintcheva lead this FREE workshop designed to give high school physical science and chemistry teachers an opportunity to re-create their physical science and/or chemistry curriculum by incorporating fun and educational activities that only need store-bought materials. These hands-on activities focus on content standards in the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Frameworks. If interested, please RSVP to Ms. Kayla Cetrone by June 9, 2009 or by phone at 508-531-2635. There is no cost for the workshop but attendance will be limited to the first 18 individuals who sign-up for the workshop.

2009 National Career Pathways Network (NCPN) conference, September 30 – October 3, 2009, Hyatt regency, Atlanta, GA. Click here to see the 175 presentations that have been accepted, with more to come. The "super early bird" registration deadline is June 30. Let Sheila Wilson, conference coordinator, or David Bond know if you have questions about the program or anything else about the conference.

Student Opportunities


Student Opportunities

Science Engineering and Technology (SET) in the City, A Day of Career Exploration for High School Girls, Saturday, June 13, 2009, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. What an amazing opportunity! Participants start the day at Boston University, visit Harvard or Wentworth, and end program with Omni show at the Museum of Science. The day includes hands-on workshops, lunch with women working in SET fields, valuable career information, exposure to cutting edge research and more. Pre-registration is required; click here to pre-register or for more information. The cost of attendance is $5.00, collected at the door.

Tech Prep 2009 Summer Programs. There are two summer programs Tech Prep will be offering to Tech Prep students this summer:

  • FREE intensive Accuplacer tutoring/remediation for three weeks for Tech Prep grads matriculating to BCC in the fall (at the BCC Fall River Campus) or to rising Tech Prep seniors interested in BCC but lacking college ready math and/or English skills (in Attleboro). A flyer will be released next week with details.
  • Summer A+ Certification. Rising seniors interested in careers in computers but are at-risk for college can take 2 of the 3 courses required for the industry recognized A+ Certification credential for FREE at the BCC Fall River campus from June 29th until August 17th. Those who successfully complete will be eligible to take the 3rd course for free over the fall. Priority will be given to BMC Durfee Tech Prep students; applicants will need strong math skills. A flyer and application will go out next week.

SMART Start Slots Still Available! There are still a few slots available in this summer’s “SMART Start” program. The program provides intensive career counseling, hands-on activities, workshops and three FREE college courses. Eligible students must be matriculating to BCC in the Fall as an Engineering student. First come, first served! See the flyer for more information or to apply.

Articulation Update


Articulation Update

LAST CALL FOR ARTULATION REQUESTS FOR NEXT SCHOOL YEAR! If you have not yet done so, please contact Kathy Bjorge with any articulated course requests for next school year as soon as possible. You will need to supply her with an electronic copy of the high school course curricula for faculty consideration before the end of your school year. (We can convert hard copies of curricula to pdf forms if necessary.) Remember, the DESE requires articulations be updated EVERY YEAR, and we will be working feverishly this summer on a more effective, streamlined process to renew articulations in the future. All renewed articulations need to be in place PRIOR TO THE START OF THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR. Finally, all articulations will now have the same start and end dates that reflect the school’s fiscal calendar: July 1st through June 30th. Call (508.678.2811, x3460) or email with any questions, to set up a meeting or to submit curricula.