Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Faculty Participants

If you are a student enrolled in Basic Writing Skills or Composition I: College Writing with a participating faculty member, you, too, will be participating in the Portfolio Assessment Project.

Participating faculty members welcome your questions and thoughts about the project, so please feel free to discuss it with them.

Participating Faculty

  • Catherine Adamowicz
  • Debra Anderson
  • Tamia Burt
  • Mary Crawley
  • Denise DiMarzio
  • Winifred Dimock
  • Kathleen Driscoll
  • Susan Forman
  • Betsy Kemper French
  • Kelly French
  • Michael Geary
  • J. Thomas Grady
  • Jeanne Grandchamp
  • Margot Green
  • Farah Habib
  • Mathew Hodges
  • Carolyn Kenney
  • Larisa Kradinova
  • William Lawrence
  • Deborah Lawton
  • Linda Mulready
  • J.P. Nadeau
  • Holly Pappas
  • Naomi Shaw
  • Katie Warren