Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

2011 Awards

President’s National Service Awards


Tamra Bryant 308 hours GOLD

Nicole Collins 185 hours SILVER

Rachel Collins 118 hours BRONZE

Christine Dufresne 4,032 hours President's Call to Service Award BLUE

Tami Durrigan 149 hours BRONZE

Jason Gonsalves 800 hours GOLD

Jessica Johnson 192 hours BRONZE

Melissa Masse 550 hours GOLD

Vinicius C. Pimentel 118 hours BRONZE

Christopher Wilbur 354 hours GOLD


Faculty and Staff

Rebecca Clark Associate Professor in Human Services, 250 hours SILVER

Carol Garand Professor in Accounting, 110 hours BRONZE

Daniel Gilbarg Professor in Sociology, 1,560 hours GOLD

Debra Lyne Experiential Learning Program Clerk 550 hours GOLD

Michael Meyers Instructor in Engineering, 144 hours BRONZE

Marlene Pollock Professor in History 1,560 hours GOLD


Student Community Service Leaders                             

Nicole Collins BOLD Coalition Programs

Tami Durrigan BCC Professional Day Events

Brandon Hamilton Culinary Arts Event for Middle School Career Day

Melissa Masse Peace Pole Project

McKenzie Reed Cinderella Gown Swap

Christopher Wilbur The Observer and Green Club

Jessica Wong National Youth Violence Prevention Week


Service-Learning Faculty                             

Rose Ferro Instructor in Computer Information Systems

Sharon Pero Assistant Professor in Nursing

Phyllis Wentworth Assistant Professor in Psychology

Program Recognition Awards

Community Partner:                  

Dan King, Share the Harvest YMCA Community Farm in Dartmouth


Service Club Advisor

Meghan Abella-Bowen, Advisor Rotaract and Engineering Clubs


Faculty Program Coordinators

JoEllen Hunt and JoAnne Lyons BE ENRICHED Program


Student Service-Learning Coordinators/Americorps Leaders in Service

Tamra Bryant, Nicole Collins and Christopher Wilbur


Newman Civic Fellows Award

Nicole Collins, Community Service Leader

Charles Marcavage Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Participation in Civic Engagement                             

  Tamra Bryant