Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

2012 Awards

President’s National Service Awards


Nicole Collins, 320 hours, GOLD
Rachel Collins, 506 hours, GOLD

Tami Durrigan, 678 hours, GOLD

Joann Field, 502 hours, GOLD

Andrea Guedes, 124 hours, BRONZE

David Henry, 129 hours, BRONZE

Andrew Kelly, 292 hours, BRONZE

Elise Kennedy, 545 hours, GOLD

Darren Lacumbes, 252 hours, SILVER

Melissa Masse, 4,000+ hours, BLUE

Thomas Masse, 100 hours, BRONZE

Vinicius Pimental, 560 hours, GOLD

Scott Pitas, 119 hours, BRONZE


Faculty and Staff

Gloria Cabral, Instructor in Baking and Pastry Arts, 4,000+ hours, BLUE

Sally Cameron, Vice President of College Communications, 255 hours, SILVER

Richard Horton, Instructor in Computer Aided Drafting, 4,000+ hours, BLUE

Dan Gilbarg, Professor in Sociology, 1,560 hours, GOLD

Michael Meyers, Instructor in Engineering, 144 hours, BRONZE

Marlene Pollock, Professor in History, 1,560 hours, GOLD


Student Community Service Leaders                             

Anne Brum, Cinderella Gown Swap Project

Janet Butler, Senior Girls Scout Leader and Mentor

Margaret Camara, Cinderella Gown Swap Project

Rachel Collins, Cinderella Gown Swap Project; PTK Project

Brittany Conley, Kuss Middle School Day: Importance of English, Math, and Science in Baking Foodservice

Maurice Cyr, Tutor Club Food Drive

Holli Faria, BE ENRICHED Dance Class

Joann Field, Teddy Bear Mission

Coral Furtado, Cinderella Gown Swap Project

Kiel Huard, One Shirt Project Clothing Drive

Andrew Kelly, Campus Police Seminar

Elise Kennedy, Voter Access for Disabled and Elderly

Michael Lasko, STEM Scholarship, Attleboro High School

Monsell Lloyd, Veteran’s Fundraising Dinner

Brian Martins, BE ENRICHED Science is Fun Class

Julia Moreira, Student Advocacy Rally

Dylan Mowry, BE ENRICHED Green Music Class

Hunter Parent-Wetmore, Community Partners Fair, Attleboro

Emanuel Rebelo, Hood Street Fire Fundraiser

Jeffrey Robbins, AIDS, Inc., Scholarship Fundraiser

Alysia St. Yves, Coupon Club

Tiffany Tavares, BE ENRICHED History is Fun Class

Mark Zajac, Food Independence Project


Program Recognition Awards

Community Partner:                  

Gifts to Give



Elizabeth McCarthy, Vice President of Resource Development


Service-Learning Faculty

Adrien Bourassa, Instructor in Psychology

Lisa Wright, Medical Assisting Practicum


Student Service-Learning Coordinators/Americorps Leaders in Service

Rachel Collins and Tami Durrigan


Newman Civic Fellows Award

Melissa Masse, Community Service Leader

Charles Marcavage Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Participation in Civic Engagement

  • Rachel S. Collins