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Students, Faculty, Administrators and Staff – President’s Volunteer Award

Are you a member of the BCC Community who wants to document completion of a minimum of 100 hours of unpaid service during a 12-month period to receive the President’s Volunteer Award? Select the link below to download the record to your computer and submit it before March 15th.

Community Service Record for President’s Volunteer Award


Are you a student who needs a Pre-Service-Learning Contract, Community Service Record, Pre-Community Service Leader Contract, Community Service Leader Record or Global Leadership Certificate Application Worksheet?
Select the link below to access the student forms and contracts page.


Are you a BCC professor who plans to have a group of students engage in service-learning at one placement? Select the link below, and submit the completed form prior to having the students perform the service.

Community Partners

Are you a nonprofit agency, organization or school who wants to apply to become a BCC Community Partner? Select a link below, and submit the completed form so we may consider listing you as one of our Community Partners.