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Responsibilities of the Co-op Student

Prior to Placement.
To insure a successful placement, you, as a Co-op Student, should develop a resume that will effectively present your interests and experience to prospective employers and work with the Co-op Office to identify appropriate types of placements. As a Co-op Student, you need to become familiar and active in the job search process.

On the Job.
As a Co-op student, you should keep in mind that to your colleagues and to your employer, you represent Bristol Community College. Therefore, you should make every effort to adhere to your employer's work standards and employment policies (for example, dress codes, rules regarding attendance, lunch hours, breaks, etc.) and carry out your responsibilities competently and professionally.

During the Semester.
Beyond your day-to-day responsibilities on the job, you should:

  • Be willing to earnestly contribute to the employer
  • Take initiative to communicate needs and concerns to employer and faculty supervisor by working the entire work term as agreed upon
  • Inform your Co-op faculty member of any changes in work assignments, personnel changes in the organization, or permanent changes in your work schedule, as soon as possible
  • Continue to maintain good academic standing while completing the cooperative work experience
  • Attend the weekly Cooperative Education Seminar
  • Develop a Learning Agreement, which incorporates input from both faculty and on-the-job supervisor
  • Be aware of personal goals as well as employer expectations and goals
  • Complete all written assignments. Complete and return all self-evaluations. Make sure your Co-op file is complete
  • Offer feedback to employer and faculty supervisor to improve the Co-op experience for future participating students

Eligibility Requirements
Any student who has completed at least 27 credits in their program of study and has maintained a 2.5 grade point average is eligible for Co-op. Students who do not meet the requirements but wish to participate must request special permission from the Co-op Director. ALL MAJORS ARE WELCOME!!

Registration Information
Students can apply for Co-op as soon as they are enrolled in their SECOND SEMESTER. Recruitment for applicants usually take place two months prior to the start of the semester. By applying early for the program, students can take an active part in planning and selecting their cooperative work experience.

Application Process:

  1. Fill out an application and return it to the Co-op office;
  2. Once you receive notice of acceptance, sign up and attend a Co-op Orientation;
  3. Make an appointment with a Co-op Coordinator.

Get More Information

The Cooperative Education Staff are professionals with experience in career education, human resource development, and labor market analysis.

Students are assigned to the Director or Coordinator by their programs of study. For more information, call Cooperative Education x.2407