Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

eLearning 101

Interested in experiencing an eLearning class? Thinking about taking an online course but aren’t sure what’s involved? Then test drive our eLearning 101 class!

You’ll learn how to navigate through Bristol Community College’s eLearning system, download course files, post to the discussion board and gain answers to frequently asked questions.

To access eLearning 101:
  1. Log into eLearning using your accessBCC username and password
  2. In the Enroll by Pin nugget enter eLearning101 in the Section ID box and click Enroll
  3. When prompted for a PIN, enter eLearning101 again and click Enroll.
  4. You’ll now see eLearning 101 appear in the Community Groups area.

Watch a tutorial to learn more about how to self-enroll in our eLearning 101 course.

Don't have an accessBCC account? You can still access our eLearning 101 course space by logging in with a guest account.

Log in using the following username and password:

Username: bcc
Password: student