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BCC has partnered with SMARTHINKING to offer FREE Online Tutoring to all students.

Students can receive real-time tutoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in various subjects, and can upload essays or other writing assignments and receive feedback within 24 hours. Students can also access live tutorials in writing across math, business, writing, and sciences, as well as a full range of study resources, including writing manuals, sample problems, research tools, and study skills manuals.

SMARTHINKING has a staff of over 1000 tutors worldwide who are trained to provide high quality learning assistance. SMARTHINKING is not a homework answering or editing service. Instead, they strive to assist students in developing successful learning and problem-solving strategies that will help them succeed in the classroom.

To access the SMARTHINKING eTutoring service log onto eLearning by clicking on the "big e" icon located at the bottom of the college's homepage or by logging into accessBCC and then clicking on the eLearning tab at the top of the page.

Questions regarding SMARTHINKING? Contact eLearning.