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What do Phlebotomists do?

A phlebotomist is a clinical lab technician who collects blood and other samples from patients and donors. A phlebotomist must demonstrate interpersonal skill, enjoy science, and like working with the public. Whether it’s calming down jittery patients or working alongside doctors and nurses to ensure quality care, putting patients at ease is the mark of a successful phlebotomist.

What is the job market like for Phlebotomists?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, phlebotomists can expect job growth of approximately 15 percent through 2018. On average, phlebotomists can expect to earn just over $24,000 per year, which translates into an hourly wage of more than $11.00 per hour based on a 40-hour work week. Many phlebotomists quickly diversify and become lab and EKG technicians, lab supervisors, or graduate into more administrative roles.

How quickly can you become a certified Phlebotomist?

The Phlebotomy certificate requires students to complete two classes for a total of seven credits. Most students can complete this program in just one semester.

What are the requirements to enter the Phlebotomy program?

  • High school diploma, G.E.D. certificate with G.E.D. score of at least 2500.
  • “C“ or better in Math, Biology or Chemistry.
  • Math and Science 500 (if G.E.D.)

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