Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Options for Nursing applicants Fall 2012

Starting in Fall 2012, Bristol Community College will expand its Nursing class to include a BCC eHealthCareers Nursing cohort. Both the traditional program (based at the Fall River Campus) and the BCC eHealth program (based at the New Bedford facility on Purchase Street) lead to an associate in science in nursing and qualify graduates to take the nursing licensing exam. Admission to the Fall Nursing class is competitive and subject to the criteria in the College catalog.

The difference between the programs is HOW the program is offered, WHEN classes are offered, and WHERE classes meet.

HOW eHealth Careers Nursing is offered:

  • Classes are primarily online, so students can do their classwork around their schedules.
  • Students will need to attend clinical labs and go to hospital placements face-to-face up to three days a week.
  • Students have access to a technology-enhanced learning experience both online and on-site.

WHEN eHealth Careers Nursing is offered:

  • The program is designed to fit around other life responsibilities, so face-to-face classes meet evenings and Saturdays.
  • Tutoring and other support services are available six days a week at the New Bedford eHealth facility or online through the College’s SmartTutoring system.
  • For class work online, students can “attend” when it is convenient for them. Please note that this does not mean that class work is open-ended – students have deadlines and due dates, and they need to be disciplined to log on and attend to class work as expected by faculty.

WHERE eHealth Careers Nursing classes meet:

  • Laboratory classes meet at 800 Purchase Street, New Bedford, in the new facility built for Nursing.
  • Clinical sites could be at any area hospital, just as in the traditional program.

All applicants will be asked to indicate if they are interested in eHealthCareers. Further information can be found at the Healthcare Information Sessions offered by the Admissions office or by calling BCC eHealthCareers at 508-678-2811, ext. 4444.