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This Course Guide is designed to assist you with assignments and research for Cecil Leonard's Principles of Management, MAN 101. If you need assistance using any of the sources or need help finding additional information please contact a reference librarian either by stopping by the LRC, calling 508-678-2811 x2108, or using our Online Reference form.
Research Project

Present at least one verbal report to the class on a publicly traded company.  This report is part of the leadership project.


There are numerous books, magazines/journals, newspaper sources, and websites that will give you information on publicly traded companies.  This guide is designed to provide you with some basic sources available at the LRC/SAILS and through the Internet.  For further assistance please ask a reference librarian.  They will be happy to help you. 

Subject Headings

The LRC has several books on the history of specific companies and industries (notable companies might be mentioned in a book on the industry), such as Wal-mart, Microsoft, IBM, General Motors, McDonald’s, etc.  To access this kind of book in our online catalog or in the catalogs of other libraries in the SAILS network, type the name of the company in the search box and click “Subjects” search.  Also, use subject headings that describe the nature of the business you are looking for, such as “computer industry”, “automobile industry”, etc.  The following list of subject headings serve as examples of the types of headings that might be helpful if you are looking for this type of information on a specific company.

Wal-Mart (Firm)

Discount houses (Retail trade)

Microsoft Corporation

Automobile industry

McDonald’s Corporation

Computer industry

General Motors Corporation

International Business Machines Corporation

 Selected Reference Books

Title                                                   Call Number

American Big Businesses                REF HF 5035 A49 2003 
Directory   (2 vols.)                         

Lists 64,000 public and private U.S. companies in all fields having 250 or more employees.  Includes sales volume, number of employees, names of chief executives, and more.     

Company Profiles for                 REF HG 4057 A27 1999
Students   (2 vols.)  
Includes information on the operations and performance of 280 contemporary public and private U.S.-based and foreign-owned companies.  Includes such topics as company finances, analysts’ opinions, history, strategy,
products, current trends, etc.

Massachusetts Business         REF HF 5065 M3 M37 2005

Lists 325,000 Mass. businesses by city, Yellow Page category, major employers and publicly-traded companies,
and manufacturers by city and SIC code.       

Mergent’s Handbook of              REF HG 4501 M47
Common Stocks  (quarterly)          

Provides business and financial information in a quick and easily accessible form for more than 900 stocks with high investor interest.

North American Industry            REF HF 1041.5 N674 2002
Classification System,
United States, 2002  (NAICS)

An industry classification system developed jointly by the U.S., Canada, and Mexico that groups establishments into industries based on the activities with which they are primarily engaged.  It covers the entire field of economic activities, producing and non-producing.  NAICS replaced the U. S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system in 1997. 

Rhode Island                          REF HF 5065 R5 R46 2006
Business Directory                                                       

Lists 46,000 businesses in Rhode Island by city, Yellow Page category, major employers, etc.  The name of the owner or manager, number of employees, and estimated sales volume are also shown.

Standard and Poor’s                  REF HG 4057 A4 2007
Register of Corporations,  
Directors and Executives   (3 vols. with supplements)

Includes profiles of over 75,000 public and private U.S. corporations, giving the names and titles of 290,000 executives and 70,000 biographical sketches of top-level managers. Listings include numerous other facts about the companies.

Standard Industrial                 REF HF 1042 S73 1988
Classification Manual                            

An industry classification standard used to promote the comparability of industries within the U.S. economy.  The NAICS system has replaced the SIC manual, but many markets and industries still use this system of classification. 

 Periodical Databases

The following databases are listed here with regard to their ability to provide information on companies.   However, most of them also provide information on many other areas of business, including finance, accounting, international business, and more. 

If you are not sure what company you want to report on, but would like it to be associated with a particular industry, such as clothing & dress, restaurants, the entertainment industry, computers, steel, etc., then check the “Finding a company by subject or NAICS code” in the Business Source Premier annotation below or go to “Finding a company by keyword, subject or SIC code or term” in the General BusinessFile ASAP annotation below. 

Databases are accessible from off campus to patrons who have a valid accessBCC card unless otherwise specified.

Regional Business News
Use this database to find news articles about your company.  Find out the latest innovations or systems your company might be using or contemplating, mergers and acquisitions, management issues, and much more.  These articles come from business journals, newspapers and newswires covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States.   

Business Source Premier
This database contains detailed company profiles for the world’s 5,000 largest companies.   Click Company Profiles on the green sub-toolbar in the “Basic” or “Advanced” search mode and either browse the list of companies or search for a specific one.  Company reports are usually twelve pages long and include a company overview, key facts (including website address), business description, history, key employees (some include biographies), major products and services, top competitors, and locations and subsidiaries. This database also includes journal articles about companies, giving business news and information on many issues.

Finding a company by subject: 

  • Click the Thesaurus button on the green sub-toolbar in the “Advanced” search mode.  A new browse screen will be displayed.

  • Enter your search term in the “Browse for” box and then click “Browse”.   A list of headings will be displayed.  If your term is not retrieved, usually there will be a cross reference to the term that is used – click on this term.

  • When your term is retrieved, you can select it by clicking the box to the left of the term.  This places a check mark in the box.

  • Click “Add.”  It will be placed in the “Find” box at the top of the screen.

  • Click “Search” and this will place your term in the top box of the “Advanced” search screen.  Leave the “in” “Default Fields” as is.  (You will also notice that articles were retrieved as a result of this search, but these are not your final results)

  • On the next line of this search area select the connector “and” from the drop down menu.

  • In the adjacent search box type: company or inc or corp

  • In the adjacent "in" box to the right select CO Company/Entity from the drop down menu to choose what field you want these terms to be in.  (This will pull up articles that have those words in the company field – so that all articles retrieved will have company names mentioned)

  • Click “Search” and then browse through several of the entries retrieved, clicking the title link to these entries. 

  • Look at the “Company/Entity” area and it will give the company name along with the ticker symbol of companies discussed in the article.  These companies will be associated with the subject term(s) you originally put in your search box.  By clicking on that company name or ticker symbol, it will retrieve any other article(s) in the database dealing with that company.  To find if there is a company report in the database, look for it by name in the Company Profiles section explained above. 

    When using the Thesaurus, you can also find other terms that might be related to your term by clicking on it as it appears in the thesaurus list.  This will give you narrower terms, related terms, or broader terms.  You can then select any one or more of these terms by clicking on the box to the left of the term and adding them to your search box.  If you want to add all of the narrower terms to your search, click the box under the word “Explode,” select and, or, or not to connect them and then click “Add.”   

Finding a company by NAICS code:  

  • Click the Indexes button on the green sub-toolbar in the “Advanced” search mode.

  • Select “IC NAICS Code or Description” from the drop-down menu choices and browse or search the list. 

  • When you have found your term(s) select and add it to the “Find” box at the top of the screen

  • Click “Search” and follow the rest of the procedures as mentioned above for a subject search.  

Also, the LRC has the print version of the NAICS code – REF. HF 1041.5 N674 2002, which could help you in your selection.

General BusinessFile ASAP
This database has a directory of over 200,000 public and private companies, giving brief information that includes parent and subsidiaries, SIC codes, annual sales, a website address link to their home page, and several other facts.  Also included on this brief company information screen are links, located on the right of the screen, to articles about the company.  These links include: “Parent company profile” (if a subsidiary company), “Earnings”, “Financial data”, “Management”, “Miscellaneous”, “People”, “Sales and marketing”, “Strategic ventures”, “Products and technology”, “Operations and resources”, “Miscellaneous”, “Subsidiaries’ profiles” (if a parent company), “Investment reports about this company” (if a parent company), and “SIC’s for this company.” To access this information, follow the steps below:

  • For company information, click “Advanced Search” on the menu at left and then click Company ProFiles at the bottom of the screen.

  • Type the name of your company in the search box or use the drop-down menu on the left to specify within what index field these terms are to be searched in the record – (company co) search.  This latter method of searching is more specific because the search will only be done within the index field you choose.    

This database also includes the component Investex, which not only can be searched by itself, but, as mentioned above, it is one of the links provided with parent companies in the Company Profiles component.  There is also a link to this information in the SIC Description, and Business Index ASAP components of General BusinessFile ASAP.  Investex provides investment research reports about a company and also about industries.   These reports are written by analysts at investment banks, U.S. and international brokerage houses, and consulting firms.  Information in these reports can come from a number of sources, such as annual reports, SEC filings, interviews, government and industry sources, and many more.  They provide in-depth financial analyses, expert opinions and forecasts, and other information useful for making investment decisions.  Investment reports are provided for parent companies only.   

Finding a company by keyword or subject:

  • Click “Advanced Search” on the menu at left.

  • Click Company Profiles at the bottom of the screen.

  • Using the drop down menu to the left of the search box select “Key Word (ke)” or “Subject (su)”.  Either selection will retrieve similar results.  A keyword search, however, can retrieve slightly more results.

  • “Ke” or “su” will automatically appear in the adjacent search box where you can then type in your keyword or subject.  

  • Click “Search” and your results will be noted at the top of the screen.

  • Click the “View” link to retrieve the citation(s).  

Your results will give you link(s) to profiles of companies that are associated with the subject or keyword you used. 

Finding a company by SIC term or code: 

  • Click “Advanced  Search” on the menu at left.

  • Click SIC Description at the bottom of the screen.

  • Using the drop down menu to the left of the search box select “SIC Term List (su=)”  which will automatically put a “su=” in the adjacent search box.

  • Type in your term and click “Search”.  (There are cross references in the SIC Term index.  If you happen to put in a term that is not used, usually you will be directed to the correct term.)

  • Click the “View” box under the term you want, which will bring you to the Results History screen.

  • Click the top “View” citation. 

  • Your results will give you the SIC code(s) and term(s) associated with your search.  Click on these results.  This link will give you a description of the SIC code and a list of types of  items included in that code.  At the top right of this screen are links to “Profiles of Companies in this Industry;” “Articles About this Industry;” and “Parent SIC Group.”

If you would like just a listing of terms or codes, select “SIC Term List (su=)” or “SIC Code List (si=)” from the drop down menu to the left of the search box and click “Search” without putting anything else in the box.

 Also, the LRC has the print version of the SIC manual – REF. HF 1042 S73 1988, which could help you in your selection.) 

Lexis-Nexis: Business
Under the Company Information section you can search four categories:  

  • Company Financial
    detailed financial data about companies searchable by company name, ticker symbol, or SIC code (a directory of SIC codes is available in the   “Directories” section of  “Business resources”).  Information comes from Disclosure     Reports, NAARS-Annual Reports 1972-1995, and stock reports.  

  • Company Profiles
    provides information on U.S. private and public companies from bankruptcy reports, Hoover’s Company Reports, Standard and Poor’s corporate Descriptions, international company reports, and directories of U.S. public and private companies. 

  • Compare Companies
    find and compare companies based on one or more of the following variables: sales, net income, number of employees, and location. 

  • SEC Filings and Reports
    includes the annual report to shareholders (in text format with no images); Securities and Exchange Commission filings such as 10-K (some back to 1987), 10-Q, 8-K, 20-F (foreign companies traded in U.S.), proxy statements, and prospectuses.  Search by company name, ticker symbol, or SIC code.
 Web Sites

Annual Report Gallery
Provides access to over 2,200 annual reports and other financial information for national and international companies.  Covers the majority of the Fortune 500 companies. 

CBS MarketWatch
Popular financial news site on the internet with over 100 financial journalists covering the news around the world.  The site gives news and commentary, excellent personal finance information, investor tools, research, and TV and radio segments.  Registration (free) is required in order to gain full access to this site. 

Comprehensive coverage of U.S. and world business and financial news from CNN, Money Magazine, Commerce Business Daily and other sources.  Major corporate stories, live market data, personal finance tips and its Industry Watch are among the highlights of this well-liked site.  

Corporate Information
Organized by company name, ticker symbol, country, industry and country, and companies within U.S. states, this site provides access to a wide range of business and financial information on publicly-traded or privately-held, foreign or domestic companies.  Includes currency exchange rates, top 100 companies in five different categories, and definitions.   Registration (free) is required in order to gain full access to this site.

Financial Times   
Based in London, free online access to this newspaper includes the ability to read and search the latest business news and data from around the world and browse the FT’s personal finance and career websites.  Users can also access basic company information and use the interactive share charting facility.

Guide to Financials
A comprehensive and basic introduction to reading the financial statements or annual reports of a company.  Click on "Investor tools" on the menu at left, then click "Investment guides."  Prepared by IBM.

International Herald Tribune
Based in France, this international newspaper provides leaders in business and government with information on important events around the world and how these events affect their work, their political choices, their investments and their families.  There is a “Business” and a “Business Asia by Bloomberg” section on the site.

MEMRI (The Middle East Media Research Institute)  
This site provides information on Middle Eastern countries from their own media sources, translated by MEMRI.  Translations are from the Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East.  Articles, videos, and political cartoons are included.

New York Times   
Free online access to this newspaper includes full text articles from the past 7 days and a searchable archive back to 1996.  The “Company Research” section under their “Business” menu enables users to research over 50,000 publicly-traded companies.  Included is an overview of the company and analyst recommendations, earnings estimates, SEC filings, historical quotes back to 1970, and much more.

Researching Companies Online
This is an interactive tutorial that guides you to free sources on the web for company and industry information, explaining how to use the websites as you go. For each topic area, the tutorial will highlight several key websites. When you click on a website link, the tutorial will change to a frames interface with specific instructions for navigating the website in the left frame and the actual website in the right frame. 

SEC Info
Provides an interface to public filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission (EDGAR) and the Canadian Securities Administrators (SEDGAR). Currently a free service, what sets this site apart from other free EDGAR databases is, for example, it includes filings from Canadian public companies. It offers several navigational features that link related filings and facilitate wading through voluminous documents.  It also provides more search options, such as name searching.

Washington Post   
This Washington, D.C. based newspaper can be accessed in full text for the past 14 days with a searchable archive back to 1977.  There is a “Company research” section under their “Business” menu that enables the user to research U.S. public companies to find the latest news, stock quotes, charts and press releases, analyst ratings, SEC filings, and key players and competitors.