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American Digest System
(Not held at LRC)

Unofficial source. This multivolume set indexes published court cases by legal topics and case names.  It indexes all published federal and state appellate court cases and is the most comprehensive series of digests published. 

United States Supreme Court Digest
Ref. KF 8741 A53 U5
Unofficial source.  These volumes index the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States.  It includes a Tables of Cases which can be used to find decisions by name.  This digest provides subject access to the head notes in the Supreme Court Reporter. 

Massachusetts Digest Annotated
Ref. KFM 2457 M3
Includes cases from 1761-1932

Massachusetts Digest 2d 
Ref. KFM 2457 M37

Includes cases from 1933-date

Unofficial source.  A multivolume comprehensive subject index to case law in Massachusetts.  It has approximately 400 broad topics which are further divided into subjects and then subdivisions.  These divisions are assigned “key numbers,” which are used to look up case annotations.  The Digest also contains a table of cases, a descriptive word index, and “words and phrases” volumes.  The Digest can be used to find opinions in the North Eastern Reporter.