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LexisNexis Academic Universe law sources/legal topics:
  • Legal News:  Search by keyword(s) in legal journals and other law related periodicals.
  • Law Reviews:  Searches documents which are dedicated to the scholarly review of  legal topics and developments.
  • Get a Case:  Searches federal and state case law by party name or citation.
  • Federal & State Case Law:  Search for federal and state case law by party name, citation, or keyword(s).  Includes, among many other types of cases:  

U.S. Supreme Court Cases
U.S. Courts of Appeals Cases
U.S. District Court Cases
Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Cases
Massachusetts Court of Appeals Cases            

Includes, among others, the legal sources:

United States Reports
Supreme Court Reporter
Massachusetts Reports
North Eastern Reporter
North Eastern Reporter, 2d series

  • Shepard’s for the U.S. Supreme Court:  Search a Supreme Court case here to validate the citation (to see if it is still good law) and locate additional authorities that support the opinion.  Coverage for U.S. Supreme Court decisions is from 1789 to the present.
  • Area of Law by Topic:  Search by keyword(s) the full text of federal and state cases.
  • Federal Code, U.S. Constitution & Court Rules:  Search by keyword(s) to find the full text of U.S federal laws with annotations, the U.S. Constitution and court rules.  Uses the following legal sources: 

    United States Statutes at Large
    United States Code Service
    – an unofficial annotated edition of the U.S.C. published by LexisNexis.
  • Federal Regulations:  Search by keyword(s) the regulations and legal notices issued by Federal agencies and departments.  Also, the U.S. Attorney General opinions are searchable here.  Includes the legal sources:

    Federal Register
    Code of Federal Regulations

  • State Code:  Search by keyword(s) the full text of the laws of Massachusetts (or other    states), its Constitution, and court rules.  Includes, among others, the legal sources:

    Annotated Laws of Massachusetts
    Massachusetts Advance Legislative Service
    Massachusetts Rules of Court

  • Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory:  Find lawyers using a number of different search    strategies, such as personal name, firm, geographic region and area of practice.