Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Educational Programs

BCC's Institute for Sustainability and Post-Carbon Education (ISPE) provides opportunities within the college at all levels of education and involvement:

Noncredit Programs

  • The Green Center
    The Green Center promotes sustainable practices in our region through workforce training and community education. Partnering with residents, students and educators, local business leaders, and community organizations, we are working to make Southeastern Massachusetts a healthier and more sustainable place to live. Our variety of programs, whether focused on home weatherization, renewable energy technologies, or green lifestyle practices, give our participants opportunities to expand their skills and prepare for the growing job market in these areas. It is our hope that through our courses and training programs, our community members will live more sustainably and become leaders in the green economy.

Certificate Programs

  • Organic Agriculture Technician
    A 29 credit certificate program that teaches sustainability in farming and agriculture including organic farming practices, water management, the science and care of plants, a hands-on practicum in small farm production and organic methods Beekeeping. Get more information with a brochure or through the BCC catalog.