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We provide leadership in the area of college-wide assessment. The Institutional Effectiveness Committee advises the President, through the Vice President of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment on the implementation of a college-wide program to assess the institution’s effectiveness. The Committee makes recommendations for assessment in the areas of Administration, Academics, Student Services, the Learning Resources Center, and Continuing Education and Community Services as outlined in the Final Report of the Outcomes Assessment Task Force (March 1993).

Assessment is conducted at various levels within the College, allowing us to evaluate the quality of the College’s educational programs and administrative functions. Assessment results are used to continually improve what we do.

Academic Program Review

In Institutional Research, we provide data and support for academic program reviews (both 5-year cycles and yearly reviews) The College has developed a timeline for 5-year reviews, and all other academic programs are subject to yearly reviews.

Administrative Area Reviews

The College has developed a timeline for administrative area reviews as well. Using Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS), several areas such as Academic Advising, Student Activities, Admissions, etc. are undergoing review

Also, the maintenance of Bristol Community College’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) is carried out in Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment. The IRB strives to ensure that the College meets the objectives of protecting people’s privacy, health, and safety, and people’s ability to participate voluntarily in human subject research.

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