Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Branding Material

College Communications provides users with copies of official logos and images for web and print use.

Bristol Community College and department logos and wordmarks must not be altered in any way. No additional typography or images can be added and they cannot be screened, flopped or scaled out of proportion. Do not contain within a box or shape.

Anyone interested in using the official logos and icons should not attempt to recreate them, or allow any printer, typesetter or design professional to do so. For print accuracy, please contact College Communications for assistance.

The following logos and icons are available for use:

Stationary and templates
College Communications is committed to a comprehensive brand management program to best promote Bristol Community College to internal and external audiences. This includes a visual and verbal identification system.
Members of the College community are increasingly being called upon to coordinate communications efforts within their offices and divisions. In order to ensure consistency with the College's overall brand, College Communications has prepared the following resources on the shared drive by request.:

Broadcast advertising