Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Event Scheduling

The Event Scheduling Office schedules and coordinates all non-academic activities such as meetings and events for day, evening, and weekend use.

The Event Scheduling Office x.2945 is located in the Facilities Management Department.

When calling to schedule a meeting or event, please provide the following information: dates, times, number of people attending a meeting or event, what equipment may be needed or any other criteria that you will need to conduct your meeting or event.

    Space that is available for non-academic programs includes:
  • Conference Rooms
    • D209
    • G222
    • L108
  • Meeting rooms/classrooms
    • C110
    • C111
    • Arts Center Theater
    • Arts Brick Area
    • Commonwealth Center Lobby
    • Dining Room
    • Atrium
    • Margaret Ryckebush Faculty and Staff Lounge

We will be happy to assist you in determining which room is available that would best suit your needs. The Event Scheduling Staff will also assist you in accessing other services such as media, signage, equipment setups, computer services and technical services for the Arts Center.

Additional Arrangements (Food Services, Technical Assistance, Announcement, etc.)