Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

The Grant Mission at BCC

The Office of Grant Development (OGD) assists faculty and staff at Bristol Community College to obtain grant resources that will assist the College to fulfill its educational mission, and its Strategic Plan. 


 Sheltered from the open Atlantic, Bristol Community College (BCC) serving 9,632, students is located in Fall River, MA between the tidal estuary of Mt. Hope Bay to the west, and the broad reach of Buzzards Bay to the southeast. As the region’s primary source of affordable higher education, BCC is a beacon on the journey to educational opportunity, prosperity and cultural enrichment, guiding the passage to a better life.   The Office of Grant Development (OGD) at BCC is organized to provide the BCC community with the information, tools and resources that will help the College maintain and grow its vital educational services, lighting the way for future generations.


Our world is rapidly changing into a global village more deeply connected, collaborative, transparent, and rich with possibility and economic opportunity. A huge discriminator, however, in navigating this world with grace and success will be developing the abilities to create, collaborate, integrate, orchestrate, communicate and solve problems. Building these skills is the promise of postsecondary education but state resource alone cannot fulfill this promise. 


Preparing people to thrive in this changing world is our job, but it requires that we must also grow and change and state budgets have lagged in their ability to provide the equipment, the staff and the programs necessary to help students succeed.  Grants from public agencies and private foundations can help BCC to obtain the resources necessary for a top-notch education.  The Office of Grant Development was developed to assist the BCC Community to generate these important resources.