Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Grant Planning Process

The Office of Grant Development uses a systematic process to plan grant applications.  Working with College stakeholders, the OGD identifies the priorities for new funding and determines which grant applications will require renewal.  This information provides the OGD with a list of key priorities for the coming year to assist in identifying the potential sources to respond to these priorities. An agenda of grant development activities is established to assure that priorities are met in a timely and productive manner. 


Partners in the grant process are required to follow a specific process to assure that the Office of Grant Development and other key college personnel are alerted to grants in development, and have sufficient time to assist grant teams in meeting their goals and obtaining internal authorization prior to the grant submission deadline. 


Grant team leaders are required to submit the Grant Intent form to the Office of Grant Development to communicate their intent to apply for a  for a grant and to request services from the Office of Grant Development as soon as this decision is made and no later than 8 weeks prior to the grant application deadline. One week prior to the grant application deadline, the Grant team leader must submit the Grant Approval form to initiate the internal grant authorization process.  


Please review the Grant Procedure Outline to learn more about the grant development requirements at BCC.