Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Title III Grant

Building a Connected College

In 2008, Bristol Community College was awarded a 5-year Title III grant from the Department of Education. Title III grants are awarded to provide assistance to institutions demonstrating a constructive effort to strengthen themselves.

BCC’s Title III grant, entitled “The Connected College,” began in October 2008. In an effort to increase the likelihood of successful adjustment to college, the grant focuses on connecting students with experiences of self-determination, engaged learning, and satisfying peer, faculty, and advisor relationships. The phrase “Connected College” illustrates the intention of promoting a more seamless integration of the Academic Affairs and Enrollment and Student Services areas of the College in order to help increase student success.

To achieve this vision of a Connected College, the grant focuses on two primary goals:
 Goal 1:  Support students in assessing, defining, and achieving their goals and building strong connections to the College community by 2013.
 Goal 2:  Prepare students with critical thinking skills and other general education skills they will need to thrive in a rapidly changing world by 2013.

Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Michael J. Vieira is the Program Manager. And in order to emphasize the importance of integrating both Academic Affairs and Student Services, the grant has two Project Co-Directors: Suzanne M. Buglione, Dean, Lash Center for Teaching and Learning and Kathy Torpey Garganta, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services & Technology. Additionally, a steering committee, an advisory board, and an Internal Evaluation Team have been assembled and hold regularly scheduled meetings. For more information, please contact Mike Vieira.

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