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Course Design Toolkits

The Toolkits are a collection of digital teaching resources that are centered on a set of student learning outcomes. These outcomes are listed in each Toolkit and expand into several sub-outcomes or learning objectives. Contained within the outcome/objective framework are examples of instructional approaches, assessment strategies, and resources (both objective- and course-specific). Their purpose is to provide instructors guidance in their course design, augmentation, or redesign.

There are a total of 26 courses supported through the The Connected College grant. Of these 26 courses, 23 of them have Toolkits available. The exception are the developmental math courses (MTH 011, 021 & 031), which have been redesigned using the Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) model, and are housed within the MyMathLab system.*

Click on the course's names (in blue) to view Toolkit examples.

AST 111 – Introduction to Astronomy
BIO 121 – Fundamentals of Biological Science I
BIO 233 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BUS 111 – Business and Financial Mathematics
CHM 090 – Introduction to Chemistry
CSS 101 – College Success Strategies
CIS 120 – Programming: Logic, Design, and Implementation
COM 101 – Fundamentals of Public Speaking
ECN 111 – Principles of Economics – Macro
ENG 090 – Basic Writing Skills
ENG 101 – Composition I: College Writing
ENG 102 – Composition II: Writing about Literature
ESL 124 – Advanced English Written Expression
HST 111 – The West and the World I
HST 112 – The West and the World II
HST 113 – United States History to 1877
HST 114 – United States History from 1877
MAN 101 – Principles of Management
MTH 119 – Fundamental Statistics
PHL 101 – Introduction to Philosophy
PSY 101 – General Psychology
RDG 090 – College Reading and Learning Strategies
SOC 101 – Principles of Sociology

In order to keep the materials visible to only our faculty, most of the Toolkits are housed within our Learning Management System. Faculty members can access theses by logging on to the BCC Angel site, going to one of their course spaces, and clicking on the Toolkits tab in their course space.

*The Math Department Chair provides course ID Access codes for the developmental math courses in MyMathLab. See for more information.

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