Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Mail Room

Faculty and staff can use inter-office mail. Mail can be dropped off in any building secretary office, in the Out-going mail. Please affix the Inter-office mail form to the envelope and fill out name and building for sender and recipient.

Faculty Mailboxes
Staff and faculty teaching day sections have mailboxes in the office of the appropriate building secretary. Faculty teaching evening, weekend and summer courses have a mail box in the Adjunct Faculty Center, located on the main floor pf the Learning Resources Center.

Sending Off-Campus Mail
The Mailroom also handles off-campus mail. Please note the appropriate ORG on the envelope for the charge-back to your department or division.

Sending Packages
Sending packages is handled through the Mailroom. You may bring a package (to be sent through U.P.S., DHL, Federal Express etc.) to the Mailroom or send it through inter-office mail to the Mailroom, attn: Joe Pereira "F" Building. You must include the appropriate ORG and a street address. The carriers do not accept P.O. Box numbers.