Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

President John Sbrega's Goals & Objectives for FY14

BCC Strategic Plan Goal A: Successful Students

  1. VISION GOAL: College Participation/College Completion
    1. Strengthen graduation rate/transfer rate/Achieving the Dream success rate
    2. Implement Advising Task Force recommendations
    3. Improve and expand Learning Communities to support engagement
    4. VISION GOAL: Closing Achievement Gaps -- Assess persistence rate by demographics and explore solutions to increase completion
    5. Infuse Title III programs and services into the College structure
  2. VISION GOAL: Student Learning
    1. Strengthen developmental English and math
    2. Implement outcomes assessment model across the College
    3. Expand utilization of Prior Learning Assessment
  3. Increase overall FY14 enrollment by 3 percent
  4. Implement robust student information system
  5. Expand credit/noncredit partnerships

BCC Strategic Plan Goal B: Sustainable Growth and Change

  1. VISION GOAL: Workforce Alignment
    1. Expand STEM education outreach
    2. Infuse eHealthCareers modality and culture to expand New Bedford Campus
    3. Implement CATCH Institute
    4. Build effective career pathways in biotechnology and life sciences
  2. Evaluate and edit instructional program offerings and course offerings
  3. Audit space needs and opportunities at all College locations
  4. Increase percentage of College energy consumption from renewable resources
  5. Implement robust Preparedness system
  6. Increase total funds raised by 3 percent
  7. Promote civility across the College

BCC Strategic Plan Goal C: Engaged Campuses

  1. VISION GOAL: Preparing Citizens - Expand infusion of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
  2. VISION GOAL: Support Vision Project and College priorities in College messaging
  3. Strengthen BCC identifying messages at all sites
  4. Complete NEASC process for accreditation
  5. Expand Multicultural Student Center services and programming
  6. Launch college-wide planning effort for celebrating the College’s 50th Anniversary
  7. Further strengthen the connection between curricular and co-curricular student experiences

BCC Strategic Plan Goal D: Strong Partnerships

  1. VISION GOAL: Workforce Alignment
    1. Launch the Workforce Education Institute
  2. Establish new Division for Access and Transition to College to further strengthen college-participation rates
  3. Expand partnerships through CONNECT
  4. Continue development of statewide cost-savings identified in Partnership for Advancing Cost Efficiencies (PACE)
  5. Enhance communications partnerships with legislative delegation, education leaders, community leaders, and business leaders to further strengthen College involvement in expanding educational attainment
  6. Strengthen vocational high school partnerships and career pathways