Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

President's Office

The Values of the Presidency

First, all of our endeavors must be focused on "student success."

We must accommodate whatever purpose each student has in coming to BCC. Naturally, we shall use our skills and resources to help students make informed choices about those purposes; moreover, these choices might fall within a broad range of institutional offerings (e.g., a course or two, a degree, or non credit competencies). In my opinion and perhaps with some measure of hyperbole, the only reason we exist  the institution and each of our jobs  is to meet students' needs and promote "Student Success."  I often refer to the collective purpose for all employees at BCC, regardless of title or position, as removing obstacles for our students. We all have a responsibility to remove underbrush so that  each student has a clear pathway to arrive at a learning situation with a faculty expert. In working on this lofty purpose, every employee plays a valued role; thus, we are all part of a team as "Colleagues in Learning."

Second, academic freedom has been a hallmark of my twenty-five years in community college education. Any college is only as good as its faculty. The rest of us enjoy support roles in the learning process. Everyone at BCC has a responsibility to protect the integrity of the learning process, to support our faculty, and to defend academic freedom.

Third, "quality" provides the essential context for "student success" and "academic freedom." We must commit ourselves to the continuous process of quality improvement. How can we assure the internal and external constituencies of BCC that our education functions, indeed all of our institutional activities, remain at the highest level of quality? One chief answer to that challenging question lies in the complex structure of "accountability." We welcome opportunities, whether through accreditation processes, reports on key indicators of performance success, formal and informal evaluations, or any of a number of other measures to boast of what we do at BCC. "Accountability," in my view, provides pathways to "Quality."