Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn't I receive an item that I ordered?
There are occasions when the item may be out-of-stock. When you receive your order, check the supply form for out-of-stock notations. The Storeroom does not backorder items. If the item was out of stock, reorder in about a week

How can I have a new item purchased by the Storeroom?
Call the Storeroom and suggest that it be purchased. Generally, if two or more areas are using the item, we will start to stock the item.

When do I have to use a Vendor Summary Sheet?
When a Request for Expenditure total is between $2,000 and $4,999.00 and the vendor is not under a MHEC or State Contract or College Bid.

How can I find out if a vendor is under contract?
Call Sandra Boscoe at ext. 2216

How do I get on a College Bid?
Call Sandra Boscoe at ext. 2216

How can I have a package sent through U.P.S., DHL, Federal Express, etc.?
Either bring the package to the Storeroom, or send it through the inter-campus mail to the attention of Sandra Boscoe, "F". Include a note stating how you want it sent, if it is to be insured and for how much? Also, include what ORG will be charged. All packages must have a real address. The carriers do not accept P.O. Box numbers. At the present time DHL is the carrier we are using. They are under contract and have lower prices on all their services.

*NOTE: Next Day Air packages MUST be received by the Storeroom before 2:00 p.m.