Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Quotes from students

If you are not sure if you should enroll in an Adult Basic Education or ESOL Program, read what our graduates are saying:

“Many things were gained by my attending BCC—self-esteem, friends and now a diploma. My words to all are never give-up on yourself!”

- Paul B, GED Graduate

“The BCC ABE Program is great because the help is phenomenal, the people are great and the opportunities are endless. Have I mentioned the opportunities are endless? Here in the BCC ABE program all our books and supplies are provided for and after you finish the GED, you can extend you learning by enrolling in college or getting a certificate in a trade. I’m happy I did this.”

- Felicia T., GED Graduate

“Today is the day to take your education on a lifelong journey to success. Make use of every flying second, have fun while on this trip, but do not lose focus, spend more time on studies, for time lost for doing nothing is gone forever.”

- Rashid R. Kpabitey, ESOL/GED graduate