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Attleboro Adult Basic Education and EPAY Out-of School Youth Program

The Attleboro ABE Advantage program offers basic literacy instruction and High School Equivalency Testing prep in a twelve or twenty hour option. It is the only full time ABE program in the Attleboro area that provides academic and career counseling, computer literacy, college transitions, career readiness, and volunteer job shadowing and internships with local businesses.

ESOL classes are offered in Attleboro through The Literacy Center.

The 12 hour option is available Monday Through Wednesday 9am -1pm. These classes are the core program providing instruction in adult literacy, numeracy and High School Equivalency Testing preparation. Students who enroll in the program must participate in the full 12 hour option.

The 20 hour program option meets all unemployment, public assistance and court ordered educational requirements. This option includes the core 12 hour program of instruction. Additionally, students come in the afternoon to group and one-on-one tutoring offered in academic resource sessions with volunteer tutors from The Literacy Center in Attleboro. Students take computer classes offered at one of the two levels available: Beginner and Advanced. Additionally, students attend Career Readiness classes in conjunction with the hands on experience of a job shadowing internship.

Schedule: The program operates 40 weeks per year, including summer, fall and spring.

EPAY (Educational Pathways for Attleboro Youth)
Provides up to 25 hours of Pre High School Equivalency instruction, comprehensive counseling, job shadowing/internships, student leadership, tutoring, career readiness and some free High School Equivalency testing and tuition for one-credit college success seminars. Programming is offered in Attleboro for Out-of School Youth who qualify at The Attleboro Career Center.

Academic Counseling:
All students receive academic counseling through the ABE office in a supported environment. The counselor works with each student to define their goals and the best instructional course to take to achieve those goals. The counselor can direct students to a variety of Career Services offered in the ABE department.

ABE Advisory Council:
Students who interested in being more involved in the program and would like to develop their student leadership skills can participate on the Advisory Council which meets at least four times a year. For more information, please contact the Attleboro Program Director.

ABE students are BCC students. Therefore they can avail themselves of all the BCC student support services on campus. Students get College IDs and have the opportunity to participate in campus activities. Please ask the academic counselor for more information.

There is parking and an entrance in the rear of the building. Students will need to obtain a student ID and parking pass.

If you would like more information or you would like to enroll in a program, please call our academic counselor at 508-678-2811, X 3532. Our FAX is 508-508-730-3248

Attleboro Adult Basic Education
11 Field Road - 2nd floor
Attleboro, MA 02703
Phone: (508) 678-2811 x3532
Fax: (508) 730-3248

ABE Director: Rm 215 x3531