Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Adult Basic Education Student Health Team

The Health Team is a group of students selected to bring health topics and issues into the adult basic education classroom. The team is made up of a diverse group of students who have an interest in exploring health topics and sharing this information with their classmates.

The goal of the Health Team is to make health a part of program instruction. Each year, the team:

  • surveys learners to determine what health issues are important,
  • gathers information on these topics, and
  • decides how to make this information available to teachers, students and others in the community
  • Health Team activities include:
  • Developing newsletters and related classroom activities
  • presenting interactive lessons to the students in the classroom
  • developing books and tools to be shared with the community
  • providing leadership for community service projects
  • participation in statewide leadership conferences

Students are given a stipend to work as a team member for a period of one program year. Students must complete an application in September and are selected based upon their enthusiasm, class attendance, availability and overall leadership skills.

The Health Team meets weekly from October through to June.