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Workplace literacy program

Workplace Literacy

Program Overview

The Workplace Literacy Program offers classes to incumbent workers, who would like to improve their English, reading, writing and math skills or have not yet earned a high school diploma, and would like to study for the High School Equivalency Test.

Over the past 23 years, the Workplace Literacy Program has developed on site customized literacy programs for more than 70 companies in Southeastern Massachusetts. Our expertise is available to all companies from small family owned to large corporations.


  • Meet with businesses to evaluate educational goals
  • Assist businesses in obtaining grant funding to support on-site workplace literacy programs
  • Provide employees with informational sessions
  • Conduct pre & post individual assessments
  • Customize curriculum to meet the goals of the company and its employees
  • Provide all relevant educational materials
  • Offer day and evening classes

Training Programs:

  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes are offered to those who speak English as a second language and wish to acquire or improve their English speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • ABE (Adult Basic Education) classes are offered to those interested in improving their reading, writing, and math skills in order to attain the competency level necessary for participation in a High School Equivalency class or career ladder advancement.
  • High School Equivalency Testing Preparation classes are offered to those who are interested in improving their skills in order to pass the High School Equivalency examination.
  • Reading and Writing classes are offered to those interested in improving their reading and writing skills in order to be more effective in their workplace. Basic and Advanced levels are available to students.

Program Schedule:

Class schedules vary according to the businesses production schedule and the employee work schedules.

Class Design:

  • Each training cycle is usually 12 to 15 weeks in length.
  • Classes meet twice each week at the work site for 1½ to 2 hour sessions.
  • Class size averages 15 students.

Apply for a Workforce Training Grant

Businesses may either privately fund an on-site training program or seek grant funding opportunities to assist in the implementation of an on-site training program. For information on the grant writing application process, you may visit the Workforce Training Fund website at: The Workplace Literacy staff is available to assist you in the application process.


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