Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Green Jobs Training Programs

MassGREEN Weatherization Installer Course
This 78 hour training prepares students to work as professional air sealing technicians and insulation installers. Successful graduates of the course will be prepared to take the BPI Installer exams for Air Sealing and Densepacking. The majority of this program will consist of hands on training experience.

MassGREEN Weatherization Business Development Course
The purpose of the MassGREEN Weatherization Business Development course is to help participants determine whether they want to start a weatherization business, learn about the business skills necessary to run a weatherization business, and evaluate themselves to determine whether they have the skills and resources to start and run a weatherization business. Students will develop a first draft of their startup business plan over the course of the eight weeks.

Introduction to Sustainable and Green Energy Technologies

This is a hybrid online and classroom course designed to update construction industry professionals, high school /vocational educators and consumers about the status of emerging renewable energy technologies and sustainable building design practices.

The Green Enterprise Certificate Program
This 10-week Certificate Program is designed to provide individuals with the understanding of how to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their workplace, such as ways to reduce their energy, water, paper, and materials usage.