Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Student Testimonials

Students have good things to say about Upward Bound:

"Upward Bound helped me become more responsible and strengthened my study habits and communication skills. It opened me up to opportunities."
-Alina Martinez

"Before attending Upward Bound, I used to hate school and thought it was boring. However, I joined Upward Bound in preparation for next year's classes given at Durfee High School . . . Upward Bound really helped me a lot because it has classes such as English, Social Studies, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese, Spanish and French. This summer, I chose Social Studies, Algebra II, Chemistry, and English. I am now well prepared for the coming school year at Durfee . . . Upward Bound gives me the idea of what college is all about. And, by the time I get into college I won't have any trouble studying for tests or writing papers.
-Bunnath Chu

"The Upward Bound Program allowed me to become a strong-minded as well as diverse individual, which enhanced my ability to meet and get along with people from various backgrounds and cultures."
-Jessica Sanders

"The Upward Bound Program helps me understand my school work. When I have a problem in homework that my parents cannot help me with, the staff at Upward Bound teaches me. Applying for college is a long and tedious task. Upward Bound helps the seniors to decide which college would most suit the person and helps in applying for the right scholarships."
-Winnie Pong

"UB has been wonderful for me in my preparation for college. I don't know what I would do without UB guidance and support. I really love the summer program, too."
-Sothy Orn