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Bristol Community College

About the exam

Why Am I Being Tested?

According to a mandate by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, all students who plan to attend a state institution are required be take placement exams in Arithmetic, Algebra, Reading and Writing. It is impossible to fail a placement exam. These exams are designed to assess your skill levels in these areas so that the advisor you meet with after the testing session can assist you in registering for the courses that best meet your needs.

How Will My Writing be Scored?

Each essay is read and scored by at least two members of BCC’s English Department. The essays are scored holistically from one to six. Students who earn a score of three, four, five or six may register for College Writing, English 101. Students who earn a score of one or two must register for Basic Writing Skills, English 090. (The most common scores are two and three.)

What’s the Difference Between English 090 and English 101?

In short,

English 090, Basic Writing Skills: focuses on paragraph and essay development and is designed to help students improve their grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.

English 101, College Writing: focuses on developing different types of essays and compositions and requires that students integrate research into some of their writing.

For more information, see the English course descriptions.