Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Lockdown and Shelter in Place Drill

Hello: as we continue to train ourselves in preparedness,  this is a reminder that there is a Lockdown and Shelter in Place drill scheduled for the week of June 20, 2013.

Workforce Center, Davol St. Fall River – On Thursday, June 20, a Lockdown and Shelter in Place drill will be conducted at 11 a.m. We will again have the assistance of the Fall River Police Special Operations Unit. If you work on Davol St. or plan to be in that building on that day, please review both the Lockdown and Shelter in Place procedures. Steve Rivard, Jack Souza, Wayne Wood and I will meet with the staff on Monday, June 17 to prepare for the drill. Also, we are offering the other tenants in the building the option to participate in the drill. A notice will also be sent to the students.

What is Lockdown and Shelter in Place?
A lockdown and shelter in place is called when conditions call for securing yourself in a safe place and waiting until a uniformed authority says that it is safe to end.
Briefly, a lockdown and shelter in place is when you:

1. Move into a sheltered place as safe as possible (a room, an office, an enclosed space, preferably with a door that can be locked.)
2. Lock yourself in. If the door does not lock, barricade doors with furniture
3. Move away from all doors and windows and shelter yourself with furniture
4. Mute cell phones and turn off lights
5. In silence, wait for an all-clear

We will use BEEnotified and other notification systems. Because we cannot send BEEnotified just to Attleboro or Davol Street, you will likely get the notice, but we will identify where the lockdown will take place.

Thanks for your continuing cooperation. Please contact Steve Ozug at ext. 2150 if you have questions or comments.