Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

StudentAccounts video series


For the StudentAccounts series, we talk to students to hear their stories, talk about their time at BCC, and how higher education has impacted their lives, and the lives of their families. Different students… different backgrounds… and some of the most inspirational student-success stories you’ll ever hear.

Alex Tavares

Alex graduated from the Culinary Arts program at BCC, then opened up his own restaurant in the Flint section of Fall River.

Jennifer Moore

A graduate who is combining the worlds of business and art.

Mariano Gomes

Mariano discusses his path to higher education, starting from his beginnings in the West-African country of Guinea-Bissau, to his recent acceptance to the University of Pennsylvania.

Brandi Evans

Brandi talks about her path to higher education while balancing family, coursework and civic engagement involvement.

Ian Borim

A traditional student who found more success than he was expecting.

David Henry

A graduate from the Engineering Science Transfer program, David moved to Massachusetts with hopes of jumping right into a new job. He soon realized that he needed more education, and a degree, to land his dream job.

Chris Wilbur

Found success while a student trustee at BCC before transferring to Brown University. Chris discusses how BCC’s many resources made the difference for him.