Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College


Colloquia: Conversations on Teaching and Learning
Volume II: Creating Community (2004)

Edited by Mary Zahm

Editorial Advisory Board:
Howard Tinberg
Ronald Weisberger
Farah Habib
Lee McBride
H. B. Ussach
James Pelletier
Cindy Poore-Pariseau

Creating a Spiritual Community
John J. Sbrega

Community Colleges: Searching for Community Identity
Ronald Weisberger with Randi Korn

The End of the Beginning of BCC
James Pelletier

A Mind to Work: The Role of the Teacher-Scholar in the Two-Year College
Howard Tinberg

Information Literacy and the Academic Community
Matthew C. Sylvain

The Commonwealth Honors Program: The Creation of a Community of Scholars.
Greg Sethares

Creating New Communities: A Student?s Perspective on the Commonwealth Honors Program
Robyn Worthington

Jump Start and Service-Learning: Connecting Students Through Shared Experience
Denyse Marie Wilhelm

Developmental Reading and Service-Learning: An Unprecedented Partnership for BCC
Mia Holland

A Program Level Approach to Building Learner Skills
Farah Habib

Displacing Students, Demystifying Education: Developmental Education?s Approach to Creating a Multicultural College Community
Farah Habib

Creating Community from the College Classroom to the Preschool
Doris Levasseur

The ?Red Circle Club?: Student Self-Assessment and Self-Responsibility
Dennis T. Grieco

Creating Community Through Extracurricular Activities
G.K. Maravelas

Healthy City Fall River?A Community Partnership
Michael Coughlin and David Weed

20 Questions for Dr. Jos? Costa, LusoCentro Director
H. B. Ussach

Creating Online Community: A Discussion
Candy M. Center and Michael J. Vieira

Active Campus: Sustaining Educational Communities Through Mobile Technology
Michael J. Vieira

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) in Further and Higher Education
Michael J. Vieira

Making Diversity Work at the Community College
Steve Berrien