Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College


Colloquia: Conversations on Teaching and Learning
Volume III: Challenging Assumptions / Changing Perspectives (2005)

Edited by Jeanne Grandchamp and Farah Habib

Editorial Advisory Board:
Andrew Hoffman
Joseph McMahon
Cindy Poore-Pariseau
Raymond Puchot
Howard Tinberg
Eduardo Soren Triff
H. B. Ussach
Mary Zahm

Disclosures of Invisible Differences as Change Agency
Mev Miller

Short Story vs The Novel: Challenging Old Assumptions About the Value of Different Literary Genres
Michael S. Geary

In Search of Campus Community
Derrick Manns

A More Holistic Model for Treating Victims of Domestic Violence: The Case for Art Therapy in the Shelter Environment
Lisa Perry-Longo

?Nonacademic? Strategies for Success in College and Life Should Be Taught in College Courses
Mary Zahm and Joan H. Rollins

?Getting Things Done?: A Conversation with BCC Trustee Casey Thomas
Jeanne Grandchamp

Changing a Student?s Perspective by Applying Life Experiences
Jack Conway

Addressing the Hearing Bias in the Deaf Culture Classroom
Sandra Lygren

We Educate Everybody?Even Trustees
A Very Personal View of Bristol Community College?s Mission in Action

David S. Greer

There and Back Again: An Ex-administrator?s Tale (with all due respect to Bilbo Baggins)
Jerry Lepage

Service on the Board of Trustees as ?A Daily Activity?: A Conversation with BCC?s Richard B. Wolfson
Sally Chapman Cameron

?We?re Not Bad People; We Made Bad Choices,? or, There But for the Grace of God Go I
Barbara Wright

From Hasty Pudding to Humble Pie
Catherine M. Adamowicz

Gender Neutrality and Gender Specificity: Do Queer, Girl, and Straight Really Mean Something Else?
Barbara Veneri

The Second Year?Here to Stay (The View from Forty Years Later ...)
Jim Pelletier

Incident on Qo?noS
Lucien Clemens

Better Than I Deserve
Steve Ozug