Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College


Lash Center programs are available to full and part-time faculty and staff as appropriate. Contact the center for information about scheduling and compensation.

Individually designed for those who can not attend our scheduled programs or prefer an individualized format in the Center of in your office.

Effective Teaching Program
Offered at the beginning of each semester for four weekly evening meetings.

Learning Communities
Learning Communities are classes that are linked or clustered during an academic term, often around an interdisciplinary theme, and enroll a common cohort of students.

Pairing seasoned faculty with new faculty to share resources and experiences.

New Faculty Orientation
Offered each semester for faculty and staff to get a brief introduction to the College and the service for students and employees.

Peer Partnerships
Two faculty attend one of the other’s courses to enhance teaching and learning, support collaboration, and promote innovation.

Semester long courses meeting weekly in the CTL:

  • CAR (Classroom Action Research)
    Learn and practice effective classroom assessment to learn about and enhance student learning.
  • Course Design
    Apply principles of systematic course design to revise classroom practice.
  • TMI (Technology Mediated Instruction)
    Use technology to enhance student learning.
An introduction to innovative practices, student learning and motivation principles and effective teaching strategies.