Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Professional and Organizational Development Packets

The POD reading packets are composed of past Essays on Teaching Excellence, a POD Network publication series begun in 1989. Written by expert scholar-practitioners, these thoughtful and succinct essays consist of two pages each.

Packet #1: Alternatives to Traditional Teaching Methods and Learning Strategies

  • Academic Service-Learning: Myths, Challenges, and Recommendations, Jeffrey Howard
  • Learning Outside the Box: Making Connections Between Co-curricular Activities and the Curriculum, Myra Wilhite and Liz Banset
  • Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning, Deborah Dezure
  • Writing to Learn, Judith and Calvin Kalman
  • Team Teaching: The Learning Side of the Teaching -Learning Equation, Mary Jean Eisen and Elizabeth Tisdell
  • Creating a Culture of Co-Learners with Problem Based Learning, Kristi Arndt
  • Mentorship in the Classroom: Making the Implicit Explicit, Deanna Martin, Robert Blanc, and David Arendale
  • Spectators and Gladiators: Reconnecting the Students with the Problem, John Boehrer
  • Active Learning Beyond the Classroom, Ed Neal

Packet #2: Cooperative/Collaborative Learning, Small Groups

  • Cooperative Learning: It's Here to Stay, Barbara J. Millis
  • Foundations of Collaboration, Gail Goodyear Muir and Sally Blake
  • Problem-based Learning: Preparing Students to Succeed in the 21st Century, Barbara Duch, Deborah Allen, and Hal White
  • Three Keys to Using Learning Groups Effectively, Larry Michaelson
  • Collaborative Learning: Reframing the Classroom, Jean MacGregor

Packet #3: Critical Thinking

  • Higher Level Learning: A Taxonomy for Identifying Different Kinds of Significant Learning, L. Dee Fink
  • Leading the Seminar: Graduate and Undergraduate, Edward Neal
  • But how do we get them to think?, Carol A. Weiss
  • Building Confidence and Community in the Classroom, J. Dennis Houston
  • Critical Thinking by Design, Joanne Kurfiss

Packet #4: Defining and Characterizing Teaching

  • The Nature of Expertise: Implications for Teachers and Teaching, Ronald A. Smith and Richard G. Tiberius
  • Developing a Philosophy of Teaching Statement, Nancy Van Note Chism
  • Competence is What You Do When You Make a Mistake, Ronald A. Smith
  • Teaching with Style: The Integration of Teaching and Learning Styles in the Classroom, Anthony Grasha
  • The Teaching Portfolio, Peter Seldin
  • Good Teaching: A Matter of Living the Mystery, Parker J. Palmer
  • Forward to Aristotle: Teaching as the Highest Form of Understanding, Russell Edgerton
  • Teaching: Beliefs and Behaviors, Robert Menges

Packet #5: Diversity Issues

  • The Multicultural Teaching Portfolio, Matthew Kaplan
  • Diversity Begins at Home: One Gateway to Multiculturalism, Barbara Lounsberry
  • Class in the Classroom, Lee Warren
  • Teaching in Action: Multicultural Education as the Highest Form of Understanding, Christine Stanley
  • Deconstructing Bias and Reconstructing Equitable Classrooms, Laura L. B. Border
  • Leading Culturally Sensative Classroom Discussions Post September 11, Devorah Lieberman
  • Tales Told Out of School: Women's Reflections on Their Undergraduate Experience, Blythe Clinchy

Packet #6: Evaluation and Grading Issues

  • Helping Students help Each Other: Making Peer Feedback More Valuable, Linda Nelson
  • Students' Reactions to Performance-Based vs. Traditional Objective Assessment, Anthony L. Truog
  • I'd like to use essay tests, but . . . , Marilla Svinicki
  • In the Name of the Student. . .,Rita Rodabaugh
    Course Tests: Integral Features of Instruction, Ohmer Milton

Packet #7: Improvement of Teaching and Assessment

  • Improving Teaching through Classroom Action Research, Gwynn Mettetal
  • Achieving Teaching and Learning Excellence through Faculty Learning Communities, Milton Cox
  • Teaching Circles: Making Inquiry Safe for Faculty, Mary Ann Cessna and Laurel Black
  • Teaching Goals, Assessment, Academic Freedom, and Higher Learning, Tom Angelo
  • Making Sense (and Use) of Written Student Comments, Karron G. Lewis
  • Classroom Assessment and Classroom Research: Guidelines for Success, Tom Angelo
  • Countering Common Misbeliefs about Student Evaluation of Teaching, Robert Boice

Packet #8: Introductory Courses / General Education

  • The Phenomenon of Large Classes and Practical Suggestions for Teaching Them, Frank Gillespie
  • What did I do right in one freshman seminar? What did I do wrong in another? What will I do next time?, Richard Schoenwald
  • Disciplinary Cultures and General Education: What Can We Learn from Our Learners?, Sheila Tobias
  • The Challenge of Teaching the Introductory Level Course, Delivee Wright
  • Helping First-Year Students Study, Part I, Bette LeSere Erickson
  • Helping First-Year Students Study, Part II, Bette LeSere Erickson

Packet #9: Motivating Students

  • From Cognitive Dissonance to Self-Motivated Learning, Edmund Hansen
  • Living up to Expectations, Steven M. Richardson
  • The Emotional Classroom, Eddie Vela
  • Exploring Student Expectations, Janet Gail Donald and James Wilkinson
  • Relating Student Experience to Courses and the Curriculum, Virginia S. Lee
  • Mistakes and Other Classroom Techniques, Harriet C. Edwards
  • Learning a Lot vs. Looking Good: A Source of Anxiety for Students, Anastasia Hagen
  • Changing Student Learning Behavior Outside of Class, Graham Gibbs

Packet #10: The Student/Teacher Relationship

  • Teaching as an Educational Helping Relationship, Douglas Reimondo Robertson
  • Teaching with Hospitality, John Bennett
  • Academic Civility Begins in the Classroom, Roger G. Baldwin
  • The Why of Teacher/Student Relationships, Richard G. Tiberius
  • Power in College Teaching, Linc. Fisch
  • Never in a Class by Themselves: An Examination of Behaviors
  • Affecting the Student-Professor Relationship, David J. Walsh and Mary Jo Maffei

Packet #11: Change, Renewal, and the Professoriate

  • Teachers are Diverse, too: Understanding Beliefs about Teaching and Learning, Richard Tiberius
  • Reflections on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Pat Hutchings
  • Rethinking What it Means to Be a Scholar, Gene Rice
  • Ten Qualities of Self-Renewing Faculty, Fred Hudson
  • Why Professors Don't Change, Loren Eckroth

Packet #14: The Learning Process

  • Unlearning: A Critical Element in the Learning Process, Virginia S. Lee
  • Teachers and Scholars as Designers, Charles M. Spuches
  • Integrating "Learning How to Learn" Strategies into Your Content Teaching, Terry Doyle
  • The Uses of Uncertainty in the College Classroom, Virginia S. Lee
  • What They Don?t Know Can?t Hurt Them: The Role of Prior Knowledge in Learning, Marilla Svinicki