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General Teaching Resources

Links to online materials on the first day of class, preparing syllabi, lesson planning, teaching techniques, course design, critical thinking, assessment techniques, developmental learning theory, and motivating students.
Honolulu Community College Faculty Teaching Tips

Links to online materials on active learning, problem-based learning, collaborative learning, motivating and engaging students, assessment, evaluation, and testing, class discussion, classroom management, critical thinking, distance education, diversity, ethical concerns, copyright and fair use, use of student work, best practices in undergraduate education, educational theory, first day activities, use of humor in the classroom, large classes, learning communities, lecturing, mentoring, plagiarism and academic dishonesty, portfolios, service learning, syllabi, learning contracts, and course planning, teaching students with disabilities teaching styles & learning styles, and writing across the curriculum.
Illinois State University - Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Links to online materials on assessment, course design, course evaluation, educational applications, and instructional technologies.

Links to online materials on active learning, cooperative learning, classroom assessment, critical thinking, discussion teaching, diversity, disabilities, grading, Large classes, motivating students, problem based learning, service learning, learning styles, classroom civility, teaching styles, portfolios, and student retention.

Other Teaching and Learning Resource Sites

Teaching & Learning Resources (University of Oxford)
Gateway to Educational Materials
MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning & Online Teaching)
Teaching and Learning Resources (University of North Carolina)
Teaching Resources (University of California - Berkeley)
Online Resources (Faculty Development Associates)
Teaching Resources Guide (University of California - Irvine)
Teaching with Technology (University of Maryland - University College)
Online Teaching Resources (Cornell University)
Online Training Series for Online Instructors (Maricopa Community Colleges)

Teaching and Learning Differences

Teaching Goals Inventory
Teaching Perspectives Inventory
Keirsey Character Sorter
Paragon Learning Style Inventory
Index of Learning Styles
Sternberg-Wagner Thinking Styles Inventory
National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy

Learning Theory

Learning and Instructional Theory (Jacksonville State University)
Learning Theories: Pedagogy and Practice
Adult Learning Theory Resource Guide (Indiana State University)
How People Learn (National Academies Press)
Twelve Theories of Learning (Funderstanding Inc.)

Assessment, Classroom Assessment, Evaluation, & Testing

Classroom Assessment Techniques
Classroom Assessment Techniques


Critical and Creative Thinking

Critical Thinking Resources (Foundation for Critical Thinking)
Teaching Critical Thinking (Dartmouth University)
Critical Thinking: A Necessity in Any Degree Program (
Problem Solving Techniques and Creative Thinking Tools (Mind Tools)
Articles on Critical Thinking (Indiana University)
Argumentation and Critical Thinking Tutorial (Humboldt State University)
Argumentation and Logic (San Jose State University)
Logical Fallacies (Nizkor Project)
Institute for Propaganda Analysis

Student Study Skills

Study Guides and Strategies for Students (University of St. Thomas)
Study Skills Self-help Information (Virginia Tech)
Study Strategies (University of Texas)

Finding and Evaluating Online Resources

Evaluating Online Materials
Evaluating Online Resources
Analyzing Information Sources
Finding Information Online
Finding What You Want Online
Teaching Website Evaluation
Webpage Evaluation Checklist
Fair Use Issues
Fair Use Checklist