Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Configuring your Windows Phone 7

Instructions for the Windows Phone 7 Platform.

  1. On your device go to Settings.

  2. Touch email + accounts.

  3. Touch add an account.
  4. Touch Outlook.
  5. Under “Email address” enter your email address in the following format

  6. Under Password, enter your password

  7. Touch sign in.

  8. If your device is unable to download the settings from the server, another screen will appear asking you for additional information. If you see this screen, enter the information listed below into your device.
    E-mail address –
    Password – Password used to login.
    User name – Username used to login.
    Domain – bcc.local

  9. Touch Sign In

  10. Outlook will show up your list of accounts and show "Syncing..." until your contact, calendar, and email information has been synced from Exchange: