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Bristol Community College

Insurance Information

Who is eligible for health insurance?

ALL registered students taking 9 or more credit hours and ALL Health Science and Early Childhood Ed students are required to have health insurance. If they have proof of insurance under another policy they can waive the College’s policy. To waive the college’s policy, go to AccessBCC and follow the link in the left column "insurance waiver" or visit, click Bristol Community College and follow the instructions.


Can I also insure my dependents?

You no longer can insure your dependants under the college insurance plan.

See: for information on how to get insurance for them.


Do I need a card and where do I get one?

The company should mail one to you. It is also in the insurance brochure which you can download from the web site: .


Can I see any doctor I want with the College’s insurance plan?

Listings of the Health Care providers who are in the network are available on the web site at:  We advise students to let the Health Care provider’s office know what insurance they have when making an appointment.


What if my doctor is not in the network? Can I still see him?

Yes, but you are responsible for any charges that are above what the plan pays to providers who are in the network. The provider may require you to pay in full at the time of service and then let you send the receipts into the insurance company.


Where could I verify benefits and find out more?

Visit Student Accounts in the Enrollment Center or call Ext. 3097.

Or contact Health Services in G201 or call Ext. 2232.