Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College


College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) Scholarships are available 

Fall CCIS Scholarship Program. The deadline for applications is May 3, 2010

Here is the CCIS calendar.
CCIS Scholarship Application and Guidelines

CCIS requires the original copies of each application and extra materials requested. However if the student cannot meet the deadline date to send in their original materials, CCIS will accept a copy of all scholarship materials either by email or fax by the deadline date, and it will be ok for you to mail the originals soon after.
Do not send transcripts or resumes. They are not necessary and will not be reviewed by the CCIS Scholarship Committee. Students can only apply if they have already applied for a CCIS program or will definitely apply for a CCIS program.
If a student is awarded a CCIS scholarship, it is required that they write a 75-100 word essay about their experience for CCIS to post on its on-line Newsletter and also include one picture of their trip. This information and picture should be sent to and sent within 15-30 days after they return. This essay should not be about the scholarship, but truly describe their great experience.