Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Services for the deaf or hard of hearing

Disability Services recognizes the culture and language of the Deaf. Students who are Deaf and/or hard of hearing can arrange for the following services:

  • Notetaking
  • Interpreting services (ASL)
  • Computer-aided captioning
  • Specialized testing accommodations

ASL Interpreters
Students who are Deaf and fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) work closely with Disability Services to arrange for appropriate interpreter services with the assistance of MCDHH and RI Commission for the Deaf.

Interpreters are assigned on a semester basis. Due to the shortage of interpreters, assignments can not always be made in the semester that they are requested. Students are encouraged to contact Disability Services four to six weeks before the start of the semester to arrange for interpreter services.

Notetakers are also assigned on a semester basis. Deaf students and interpreters are encouraged to share email and TTY information to communicate effectively and timely. Deaf and hard of hearing students are required to notify their interpreter and/or notetaker when they cannot attend class. Notetakers are not expected to take notes when the student is absent.

The college participates in cost sharing of interpreter expenses for students who are approved clients of Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC). Students are encouraged to register with MRC.