Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

About the accessBCC ONE CARD

The accessBCC ONE CARD is a multipurpose card and serves as the official BCC ID card. It is the property of the College and should be carried with the cardholder at all times. It is not transferable. Altering or lending this card will subject the cardholder to disciplinary action. Only the person pictured on the ID card will be allowed to use the card.

An accessBCC ONE CARD account is a general purpose, prepaid, declining balance purchase plan. Upon the initial deposit, an electronic balance is established in the cardholder’s name. All sale transactions are debited from the accessBCC ONE CARD account electronically. The cardholder shall be responsible for observing the debit transaction at the time of the sale and for monitoring the current account balance. Each individual is responsible for managing his/her account. An accessBCC ONE CARD account is like cash – it must be protected.

There are no transaction charges. No interest is earned. This card is not a credit card. Purchase returns will be credited to accessBCC ONE CARD accounts. Cash refunds and withdrawals will not be permitted. Purchases will not be permitted with a malfunctioning card. There are no limitations on the number of times the accessBCC ONE CARD may be used or the dollar amount of any transaction, so long as the purchase amount does not exceed the balance of the accessBCC ONE CARD account.

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