Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

2008 Award for Exemplary Student Writing in the Disciplines

The Writing Lab is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2008 Award for Exemplary Student Writing in the Disciplines. Each of the six recipients represents a division of the College, helping to emphasize the quality writing that is being done across the campus:


  • Division I (Division of the Humanities and Education): Kaye Duquette

           According to Chris Anne Souza, Adjunct Instructor of English, Kaye's "Mise en Scene Analysis" for ENG30 "provides clear and concise descriptions of the scene being analyzed, noting specific details and providing necessary background information in the right proportions to properly inform her reader.[the] essay excels not only in the level and quality of analysis, but also in its articulation and organization, starting with a clear thesis and continuing on to fully demonstrate and support each point made: making her essay one that could easily inform or teach any reader."


            Professor of History Maureen Sowa explains that Joseph's HST13 research paper is "an excellent piece of historical research on a relatively undocumented topic. His work showed initiative, analysis and organization.  He used his research well in the body of the paper, selecting salient quotations to buttress his analysis and argument. Mr. Drayton's paper is well organized and easy to read.  He informs his reader well as to the issues surrounding the organization of the MASS 5th Cavalry.  He has a clear sense of his audience and the ability to draw them into his topic. Mr. Drayton's work is clearly superior and marks a mature writer and thinker."


          Associate Professor of Business Management Cecil Leonard explains that “Ms. D’Allesandro’s memorandum for a business audience about how the Marshall Plan helped lay the foundation for today’s complex interdependent global market place was excellent.  It recognized the audience, was complete, clear and concise.  It also provided enough reference citations so that a reader interested in learning more about the topic could do so.”


Assistant Professor of Dental Hygiene Trisha Cloutier explains that Stephanie’s paper “was chosen because of her style of writing. She clearly demonstrated the technical skills required to meet the objectives of the assignment of a case study patient.  She writes with conviction and passion about the patients she has treated here at Bristol Community College and about her future profession in Dental Hygiene.”


  • Division V (Division of Mathematics, Science and Engineering): Dawn Williams

          Cynthia (Penny) Hahn, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry, considers Dawn's CHM10 lab report "well organized, clearly written, logic-based, audience-appropriate, and thorough. She fulfills the requirements of the assignment by presenting the properties of the three compounds, explaining the reasoning behind her proposed procedure, and providing clear, detailed step-by-step instructions that another student could easily follow to achieve the separation. Dawn's paper is constructed in a way that leads the reader from the evidence on which she based her procedure (the properties of the three components) through the reasoning that led to the specific experimental techniques and instructions."


  • Division VI (Center for Developmental Education): Ryoko Kokuba

           According to Diane Manson, Assistant Professor of Reading and ESL, Ryoko's ESL24 essay "intertwines details about her friend and thoughts about her own personal development in a very sophisticated way for someone still learning the language and the elements of academic English. Ryoko's genuineness shines through so gracefully in her words."