Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

2011 Award for Exemplary Student Writing in the Disciplines

The Writing Center is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011 Award for Exemplary Student Writing in the Disciplines. Each of the recipients represents a division of the College, demonstrating the College's commitment to writing instruction across programs and disciplines. Please contact the Writing Center to view the winning submissions and for information on the selection process.

Jennifer Avery, Division I ( Division of the Humanities and Education), "Read to Own"

Micah Conti, Division II (Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences), "To Punish or Reform: A Philosophical Dilemma, A Psychological Solution?"

Krystal Tremblay, Division IV (Division of Health Sciences), "Tobacco Use and Periodontal Disease"

Kathleen Wood, Division VI (Center for Developmental Education), "My Savior"