Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?
No. We also offer walk-in service. You may, if you wish, make an appointment individually with a particular tutor, however.

Who works at the Writing Center?
We have experienced and well-trained faculty and peer tutors to serve you. Faculty tutors are drawn from diverse academic divisions of the college. Peer Tutors have taken the courses that you are in now and have a special perspective on the work that you need to do.

What should I bring with me to the Writing Center?
Since tutors need to know as much as possible about your assignment in order to be of the greatest help possible, please bring your teacher's instructions and guidelines for the writing that you are doing. Also, if you have done some writing, bring whatever you have at this stage--a first paragraph, a full draft, notes, lists, outlines, whatever. If you haven't begun writing, we'll suggest strategies for how to get started. Above all, give us time, especially if you can anticipate the need for extensive tutoring.

Will you fix my grammar for me?
No. What we will do is help improve your own skills as a proofreader and editor of your work. We'll ask the kinds of questions that will enable YOU to correct errors of grammar and mechanics.

Will you help me do my research?
We will gladly explain how research is done (how to take effective notes as you read, for example), talk about format issues (how to cite your sources, for example) and we will point you to the appropriate indexes (conventional and electronic). But under no circumstances will we do the research for you.

Can I just drop my paper off with you and return later to get your feedback?
No. We feel that we can be most effective with you in the Center, when you sit beside the tutor. We also feel that you need to take an active part in the improvement of your own paper. We will never take it upon ourselves to edit or revise your paper. The paper must always remain yours.